Take My Brain Dominance Quiz


Thank you for your interest in my brain quiz, you are now just a couple of steps away from identifying your brain dominance. In this short video I introduces the Brain Dominance Quiz and give you some helpful hints to ensure you get an accurate score.

After watching the video simply click the button below to start the quiz and answer the 10 questions. You will receive some feedback on your score and a link to a video where I’ll go into a little more depth. Enjoy the quiz and I’ll see you on the next video.

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7 thoughts on “Take My Brain Dominance Quiz”

  1. where’s the bit that says “can stand boring people and measures everyone for “entertainment Value”” if they don’t measure up what is their calorific value?

  2. Thanks for the website which you created for others, subjects are really interesting, but I am not sure whether I am a hunter or not bcz I stick with one job for 6 years and I don’t like that job and I am not fearing of losing a job; but I don’t know where I have to start and to which feild I have to move.

    But I hope your great work will be helpful for me;

    may the God bless you and everyone who stands for others;

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