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Hi I’m Ian Banyard and I’m really passionate about Empowering people and Exploring nature. 

Are you someone who:

  1. Sometimes finds it difficult to take time out from life to focus on you and your needs.
  2. Sometimes feels like life is moving so fast that you’re often unable to focus on what’s important and need more clarity.
  3. Feels unfulfilled and would like space to get back in touch with your goals and desires.
  4. Knows you will increase your health and wellbeing from joining a like-minded walking community.

If you resonated with any of the 4 statements above then our Natural Mindfulness walks and Life Guiding Walkshops  are definitely for you.

What we offer…

Each month we offer weekday, weekend and evening natural mindfulness walks to our members and non-members. Each walk is led by a trained natural mindfulness Life Guide who will help you explore and connect to the beauty of the natural world. You will also learn about The Power of Nature and how it has been proven to boost our health & wellbeing. PLUS you will become more aware of how practising simple natural mindfulness exercises can positively impact on our mental health and lead to positive changes I our personal and professional lives too.


How do I start?

If you would like to join us as our guest and experience walking with natural mindfulness we offer FREE experiential walks. Details of our next walks are below.

Our July Walks…

4Join Neil Gayler on Friday 24th July for an informative and enjoyable  Natural Mindfulness wellbeing walk at Coopers Hill (meeting point to follow) . This walk will start at 9.30am and is for members plus guests and non-members who are first-time walkers would like to experience natural mindfulness for themselves. There is a small charge of £10 for return walkers who are not yet members. For more details and to secure your place call/text 07812675549.

imageThe next MINDSIGHT Walkshop is on Saturday 25th July 9.30 – 12.30. If you would like to learn more about the science behind Natural Mindfulness and explore the healing power of nature – book your place now. Call/text 07812675549 (this walkshop is free to members and £15 for non-members)

August Walks…

Shelagh Greygoose will be leading “Tapping Into Your Natural Insight” on Saturday 1st August at 9.30am near Winchcombe (more details to follow)

Aug Walks

To register your interest and get updates on future walks just complete the form below or call/text 07812675549… 

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Hear us on the Radio!


Ian Banyard and Shelagh Greygoose were guests on Radio Winchcombe on Friday 25th March 2015 discussing Natural Mindfulness and the many health benefits of walking mindfully in the natural world. Click to listen to the full interview


 Walk with Us!

Opening our senses to nature also develops our intuition. We learn to contact in new ways the world around us.
Opening our senses to nature also develops our intuition. We learn to contact in new ways the world around us.

If you choose to join the Cotswold Natural Mindfulness community there is a monthly membership fee (currently £20). Members can attend as many of our monthly walks as they wish, invite their guests to experience our walks and “Gift a Walk” each month if they aren’t able to attend a walk.

To learn more about membership and the benefits of joining Cotswold Natural Mindfulness click here

If you enjoy walking in beautiful landscapes and want more clarity, growth and connection in your life – click the link below and learn more about becoming a member now.join

If you already know you want to join click the GoCardless link below and set up you Direct Debit now!


All you will need to walk with us

Here are a few basic requirements to help you prepare for a Natural Mindfulness Walk.

Directions. A postcode for the next Natural Mindfulness walk is included in the listings above for those of you using sat/nav or online maps to find us. I will also send further directions by email nearer the date for the start of each walk or on request using the contact form at the foot of this page.

Footwear. We walk in all weathers/conditions and may encounter wet grass, muddy and wet footpaths on occasions even in the summer months. It is advisable to bring walking boots or other sturdy footwear.

Clothing. The temperature and conditions during a 2-3 hour walk can change quickly and so appropriate layers of clothing are recommended based on local forecasts. Waterproofs if wet weather is forecast and head covering if it’s a sunny day or very cold. During winter months good socks and gloves are necessary as we do stop at regular intervals.

Fluid. Some water. It is important to remain hydrated during the walk, but remember we will be walking in nature and so there will be no public toilets along the route. On colder days guides bring hot water and herbal tea bags for break time. Feel free to bring your favourite herbal tea bags to share.

Focus. A specific intention to connect with nature in a healing way. The walk/session is designed to help you move through the landscape in ways that cultivate presence, opening all the senses and actively communicating with the land.

Patience. Don’t Rush. The primary goal is not exercise or physical exertion. Walks are rarely more than a few miles and last up to 3 hours. It’s about enjoying the journey.

3bMindfulness. Generously give your attention. I encourage “Natural Mindfulness” as we walk using an ever-changing and evolving series of activities. These activities are designed to slow us down and open the senses allowing the natural world to penetrate our consciousness more deeply.

Practice. It’s not a one-off event. Developing a meaningful relationship with yourself and nature occurs over time. This is why we have created the “Cotswold Natural Mindfulness Community” enabling and encouraging members to returning again and again throughout the natural cycles of the seasons.

Want to be a Natural Mindfulness Life Guide?

Life Guides

We are looking to expand our Natural Mindfulness walks and Life Guiding walkshops this year. If you love walking in nature , enjoy empowering people, are curious about mindfulness and have been searching for a part time NATURAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that resonates with you, click here to learn more  about becoming a Life Guide.

Ian Banyard - Life Guide
Ian Banyard – Life Guide

Ian Banyard is a Natural Mindfulness Life Guide who is passionate about exploring nature and empowering people. Ian combines a wealth of knowledge and experience from his personal and corporate life with intuitive and instinctive insights from his own inner journey to guide others on their own unique journeys.

imageIan runs Life Guiding UK a business that specialises in organising Mindfulness Walks and providing Life Guiding courses for individuals and businesses in the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

To join Ian on his next Natural Mindfulness Walk, learn more about Life Guiding or to get in contact click here

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