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7 Secrets of Success

“Get the 7 Secrets of Success FREE “

To access this once in a lifetime opportunity to change your life and become everything you have ever dreamed of being simply click the link below


Okay, okay… you can stop clicking the link now because it doesn’t work!

There is no miraculous FREE Secret!!

The link doesn’t work, just like these get rich quick and change your life offers, books, webinars and courses don’t work.

In truth most of the people who promote them, write them and make these “too good to be true” offerings have lives and businesses that are just as screwed up as you think yours is.

They are the sort of people who think they can solve their financial and emotional problems by selling the answers and the secrets of success to you.

Don’t be taken in!

I recommend you STOP wasting your time and hard-earned cash and go for a Natural Mindfulness walk instead.


Walking mindfully is low cost-high benefit. You can do-it-yourself or join a like-minded group of people and feel much better for doing it. There is also some amazing scientifically proven research that proves it.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Click this link (it does work!) to learn more about the Health Benefits of Walking mindfully

I also have a 7 day Natural Mindfulness programme you can get access too, okay it’s FREE, but I’m not suggesting for one minute that there is any secret to success in it. You get out of life what you put in in my opinion the only secret to success is you if you don’t already know that.

Enjoy the moments and share my posts if you like them.

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Ian Banyard - Author & Guide

Ian Banyard – Author & Guide

Ian Banyard is a Nature Connection Guide and author of Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature connection. He is passionate about exploring nature and empowering people. Ian combines a wealth of knowledge and experience from his personal and corporate life with intuitive and instinctive insights from his own inner journey, to guide others.

ad4Ian lives in Gloucestershire, UK where he guides Natural Mindfulness Walks and provides coaching, courses, gatherings and retreats, for others who want to deepen their connection with nature and their true nature.

To attend a Natural Mindfulness Walk or event, visit Natural Mindfulness Walks

Want to experience Natural Mindfulness for yourself?

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Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature connection, is AVAILABLE NOW.


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