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Podcast Summary
– Discovering True Nature Through the Art of Natural Mindfulness

Ian is a UK based Author, Natural Mindfulness Guide and Guide Trainer. He is also the creator of Nature Connection World, an online directory of Natural Mindfulness Guides, Nature Based Therapists and Practitioners.

Ian has always had a love for nature, as a child it was his playground and then as an adult when his life got flipped upside down, it was in nature that he found sanctuary. During this time he embarked on a deep inner journey and experienced an important healing process that would lead him to discover what he calls, his True Nature.

Ian shares what True Nature means to him and we unpack Natural Mindfulness and how we can use this practice to reconnect with our own True Nature.

He shares some of the science that confirms the positive effect nature connection has on our wellbeing as well as some of the positive benefits he has witnessed whilst guiding people in nature.

We hear why working with a guide is important and he shares some top tips for guides or anyone else wanting to share their love for nature.

Ian reminds us that nature connection is a personal experience;there is no right or wrong way to do it. He believes in building community and encourages us to share our experiences.

In the last few years he has trained over 300 guides from more than 30 countries to become Natural Mindfulness Guides, helping them to find their own expression and empowering them to share their passion for nature connection.

Ian is a great guy on a mission to reconnect humanity with nature and our true nature, I am so stoked to be part of the community. I have no doubt that you will find value in all that he has to share.

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