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Why become a Nature Connection guide?

Walking mindfully in Nature is a new approach to improving clarity of thought, boosting well-being and creating a deeper connection with nature, our own true nature, and each other.

Natural Mindfulness walks are a natural approach to well-being and are proven to help us deal with the day to day stresses and challenges of a busy life. There is now a growing body of scientific evidence, proving what many people have known intuitively about the healing power of Nature…   (Read more about the health benefits here)

“Taking time out in nature to be ourselves in a supportive community is often all we need to cope with the stresses and challenges in our busy lives.”

Using the combination of the natural world and their own personal life experience, a Natural Mindfulness Guide leads a small group of people on a walk/experience in nature to practice using their senses in order to connect with the natural world,  learn life lessons from nature, develop better sensory awareness, open up to intuitive insights and boost health and well-being.

“Natural Mindfulness is the perfect antidote for people who feel like they are currently living in a world that seems to be constantly telling them to be someone they are not.”

“Learning to be ourselves is the ultimate freedom – but to discover this place where the lives we live become beautiful expressions of our inner selves and our hopes and dreams is not always easy. This is why I created Natural Mindfulness walking

Natural Mindfulness Guides are…


PASSIONATE about encouraging more people to access the health benefits of walking mindfully in nature.

COMMITTED to protecting and sharing the beauty and diversity of the natural world and have a desire to help empower others to reconnect more fully with their natural self.

INTUITIVE coaches, therapists, teachers, practitioners, in fact anyone who wants to offer their skills, experiences and insights to help others connect more deeply, with nature and their true nature, in beautiful, natural environments.

EVOLVING natural beings seeking ongoing development, support and information to enable them to set up, promote and run their own successful Nature Connection walks, experiences, retreats and other offerings.

How to enrol…

All of my 2019 courses are now full with a waiting list.

You are welcome to register now for the 2020 SPRING, SUMMER & AUTUMN/FALL Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing Guide Training day held at Hawkwood College in the beautiful Cotswolds.

A £30.00 transferable deposit will secure your place.

Register your interest at this link click here

NEW 21 Day online Guide Training Opportunity!

I am launching this new 21 day online course for people who are unable to visit the UK, or Gloucestershire, in order to train with me on one of my SPRING, SUMMER & AUTUMN Nature Connection guide trainings.

For details visit this link: NEW 21 DAY GUIDE TRAINING PROGRAMME.

Natural Mindfulness Guiding  is a journey of self discovery not just for the people you guide, but also for yourself.

Natural Mindfulness Guiding is also a great addition to compliment other well-being and nature-based activities/businesses. If you are a teacher, coach, therapist, forest school leader, trainer, or someone who is interested in adding Nature Connection activities to your portfolio of services, please get in touch.

All my Natural Mindfulness guide training programmes are accredited with the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance (IMMA)

To register your interest in joining the team and helping encourage more people connect on a deeper level with nature and our true nature, click here