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Natural Mindfulness Practitioner & Guide Training.

Walking mindfully in Nature is a new approach to improving clarity of thought, boosting well-being and creating a deeper connection with nature, our own true nature, and each other.

Natural Mindfulness walks are a natural approach to well-being and are proven to help us deal with the day to day stresses and challenges of a busy life. There is now a growing body of scientific evidence, proving what many people have known intuitively about the healing power of Nature…   (Read more about the health benefits here)

“Taking time out in nature to be ourselves in a supportive community is often all we need to cope with the stresses and challenges in our busy lives.”

Using the combination of the natural world and their own personal life experience, a Natural Mindfulness Guide leads a small group of people on a walk/experience in nature to practice using their senses in order to connect with the natural world,  learn life lessons from nature, develop better sensory awareness, open up to intuitive insights and boost health and well-being.

“Natural Mindfulness is the perfect antidote for people who feel like they are currently living in a world that seems to be constantly telling them to be someone they are not.”

My courses

Free Introduction to Natural Mindfulness 

Natural Mindfulness 7-day Online Practitioner Course.

I am now advertising my 7-day online course and local walks via the Nature Connection World Community Platform 

Residential Natural Mindfulness Guide Training Courses

My 2 day residential guide training course at Hawkwood College in the beautiful Gloucestershire Cotswolds, will hopefully recommence in 2022.

Please check back to this webpage for updates. .

**Due to uncertainty around Covid-19 restrictions only my online guide training programmes are currently available***

Online Natural Mindfulness Guide Training Courses

I launched the online guide training course in 2019 for people who are unable to visit the UK, or Gloucestershire, to train with me here in the beautiful Gloucestershire Cotswolds – FIND OUT MORE HERE

What previous participants say about the programme.

“I absolutely loved this course. The flexible method of delivery really suited me and the format really worked. It was simple, not overwhelming and empowering. I loved being in the online groups with like minded people across the globe and sharing the experiences in different terrain and encouraging each other. Was very touching at times. Thank you so much Ian for an exceptional experience and your energy. Love your “natural” approach to life and business. You truly have an embodied natural mindfulness practice. Highly recommended!” – Deborah UK

“I absolutely loved the opportunity to be able to participate. I was looking for something different and your program was a wonderful opportunity and something different than the forest bathing training offerings I have come across. I see your training as a genuine love for the forest and for folks to be able to experience and share that love with others. Thank You. – Ginifir USA

“I really enjoyed the course on many levels. It was interesting to see a Facebook group and FB video being used so constructively and loads of people joining in. But it was the essence of the course that really was most rewarding. Well structured, engaging, a really good step by step approach to increase confidence and autonomy every week. It’s given me the confidence to actually offer Natural Mindfulness as a service in due course. And it shows that not every useful and empowering training has to cost thousands of pounds! Thanks for not up-selling but rather offering ongoing support instead.” Monika – Scotland

For more details visit this link:  Online 21 DAY Natural Mindfulness GUIDE TRAINING PROGRAMMES

Natural Mindfulness Guiding  is a journey of self discovery not just for the people you guide, but also for yourself.

Natural Mindfulness Guiding is also a great addition to compliment other well-being and nature-based activities/businesses. If you are a teacher, coach, therapist, forest school leader, trainer, or someone who is interested in adding Nature Connection activities to your portfolio of services, please get in touch.

All my Natural Mindfulness guide training programmes are accredited with the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance (IMMA)

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