Natural Mindfulness

Walking Membership


Walking mindfully in nature on a regular basis, with like-hearted, open-minded people has amazing  health benefits:

Physical Wellbeing – It improves our physical fitness, gives us a good cardio vascular workout, improves flexibility, strengthens muscles, improves blood flow and energises the whole body.

Mental Wellbeing – Walking in nature mindfully is a great mood booster. At a time when we all seem to be busier, more distracted and experiencing unprecedented increases in mental ill-health, it is encouraging to discover that nature may have the antidote.  Recent research shows that walking mindfully in nature regularly can reduces stress levels and helps us to release happy brain chemicals like Seratonin and Endorphins – How cool is that FREE therapy!

Visit The Healing Power of Nature to learn more about the findings.

Emotional Wellbeing – Being emersed in nature has a miraculous way of balancing our human emotions. There is something about being close to the “Natural Balance” found in forests, woodlands, by streams and lakes, in mountains, along the sea shore, around animals in the wild and walking in the countryside, that seems to connect and harmonise with our own nature and help bring us back to balance.

Spiritual Wellbeing – When I walk in nature and open up my senses to the beauty and aliveness around me, sometimes I experience, or fall into what I can only describe as a nourishing and awe inspiring, state of relaxed alertness, a kind of powerful spiritual experience. It’s as if all the layers of myself fall away and I am absorbed into my surroundings. I am both apart from and a part of the natural world. Many people describe a similar experience where they feel connected and part of something much bigger than day to day life.

Membership includes:

  • Free/Discounted access to Natural Mindfulness guided walks, courses and mini-retreats, with Ian Banyard.
  • A signed copy of Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature connection.
  • Free access to a private members Facebook group where you can share and develop your interest in Natural Mindfulness and Forest Bathing.
  • Free access to a new 7 day ‘Discover Natural Mindfulness’ online programme.
  • 2 for 1 opportunities for friends and family.

Membership Price

From January 2020 CNM Annual membership, to include all the above benefits, will be available for £15 per month.

If you like the idea of improving your health and exploring nature mindfully on a regular basis, register your interest and join us in 2020.

If you are interested in becoming a local Natural Mindfulness guide, visit my guide training page.