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Online Natural Mindfulness Guide Training


My online guide training programme includes, 3 nature-based assignments, a private, online course member’s community group, a signed copy of my Natural Mindfulness Guidebook & Journal,
an online course manual, 7 Natural Mindfulness Video exercises, 4 LIVE weekly zoom sessions, IMMA accredited Certification, PLUS  an opportunity to join my online Nature Connection World community platform as a Community Guide member and STAY CONNECTED. 

There has been an amazing response to my Natural Mindfulness online guiding training programme since I launched it in June 2019. I am searching for people who share my passion for creating a more nature-connected world. If you love nature and love the idea of sharing Natural Mindfulness practice with others, this course might be just what you are looking for.

I am on a journey towards a more nature conscious connection with the natural world and my own true nature. I believe the seed of nature consciousness exists within all of us. WE ARE NATURE, but sadly too many of us have forgotten this connection. If you would like to join me and others on this journey with Natural Mindfulness, REGISTER/BOOK a place today.

I am so encouraged by the success of this simple yet powerful online Natural Mindfulness Guide Training Programme. Previous courses have proven that it is possible to share deep knowledge, understanding and generate the necessary motivation and inspiration, that enables and encourages others to become guides too. My courses have proven to be very popular and do tend to book up in advance, even before I release dates. So if this resonates with you do get in touch. There will be 3 opportunities to join my online Natural Mindfulness guide training course this year (2024) a Spring, Summer, or Autumn programme.

This course is open to anyone and everyone who shares my passion for nature and wants to assist me in my mission to share the healing power of nature connection with others both locally and globally. There are growing communities of Natural Mindfulness guides and practitioners throughout the UK, Europe, America, Australia and many other countries worldwide. I’d love you to join us.

My aim is to make this programme accessible to everyone. Guiding others to a deeper more mindful relationship with the natural world and our own true nature, is a natural ability, not something we have to learn, or be qualified to undertake. If you have any concerns, or perceived barriers that may be preventing you from taking this step, do let me know and I’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

Despite the rising cost of other guide training courses, I have kept this course affordable and accessible. It is more important to me that everyone and anyone can become a nature guide if they wish to. The investment remains as it was in 2022 – 79.00GBP for UK residents. 95 EUR for those based in Europe, 150 AUD for Australia and 110 USD for the US and other countries.

To ensure finance is never a barrier to you becoming a guide, I have very easy payment options and other pathways you can take. Please get in touch and ask for more details if finance is a difficulty for you right now,  contact me here.

If you are interested in joining the next course, WATCH my welcome Video below. You’ll get to meet me and see if this online guide training programme resonates with you. If you like what you hear, just click the registration button below to reach the booking page with more details and downloadable booking forms for those here in the UK and internationally.

**This course is hosted on my own private Community Platform – Nature Connection World. This is a free community where anyone with an interest in raising nature consciousness is welcome.**

WATCH MY ORIGINAL VIDEO WELCOME filmed in Spring 2019 when I first had an idea to convert my residential guide training course into a 21 day online course.

The video beautifully captures what I was envisaging 5 years ago and will serve to give you a little idea of how this programme works and see if it is right for you. If you already know you want to join me on a programme you can skip the video and scroll down to the Registration button which will take you to a booking page where you can choose the course that suits you best. Thank you for being here.


You can find the next available programme by following this registration link, or scroll down for more information:


Learn more…

When you join me on this course you will get an opportunity to…

  1. Discover a deeper connection with nature and your true nature guided by Natural Mindfulness.
  2. Experience guiding others towards a deeper connection with nature and their own true nature.
  3. Build your guiding confidence and know how.
  4. Start growing your own nature conscious communities both offline and online.
  5. Become an important part of an emerging global community of nature connection guides and practitioners.

What’s included:

  • Access to a private Community Platform Group where I will facilitate and guide you through the programme*.
  • 4 LIVE interactive online sessions with me to review the week and prepare**.
  • Online chat-sessions and guide mentoring each week.
  • A digital copy of my online Natural Mindfulness Guide Training Manual.
  • A personally signed copy of my book Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature connection. Sorry, not currently available in Belgium due to restrictive customs fees. 
  • A Guide Practitioner certificate on completion of the 21 day course.
  • Wilderness Guide Membership of Nature Connection World, a global online community offering guidance, support and nature connection***.
  • Ongoing support, guidance and opportunities.

*This is an online/offline programme – all assignments & exercises are practical, nature-based and take place offline in your own location, in your own time frame.  Please be aware that all participants are invited and encouraged to share their experiences/connection/insights from the offline experiences online on the  private community platform group.

**You can attend the sessions LIVE or watch the recordings. The course launch & review sessions usually take place on weekends at times that enable LIVE participation worldwide).

***I am looking for online Wilderness guides to help me grow the Nature Connection World online community and help develop more nature consciousness locally and globally.

What previous participants say about the programme.

“I found this course when searching for a way to learn more about mindfulness and how being in nature can help with mental health, anxiety and self esteem. In just 21 days you can gain a very valuable certificate. 21 days… the course is so much more. It’s the start of a much bigger journey. Ian has provided so much information, insight and support. It has been a catalyst for asking more questions, delving deeper, learning about myself and giving me the confidence to guide others. I have seen an improvement in my own mental health and self esteem but also been privileged to see it help others too. Beyond grateful.” – Anna North Yorkshire UK

“Amazing course, Learning and gaining more knowledge and a greater understanding of nature’s wellbeing and how to guide other people in our communities. A great experience to share, meet others on this course. Highly recommend Ian Banyard who was and is an amazing teacher. Thank you”. – Michelle Yorkshire UK

“I absolutely loved this course. The flexible method of delivery really suited me and the format really worked. It was simple, not overwhelming and empowering. I loved being in the online groups with like minded people across the globe and sharing the experiences in different terrain and encouraging each other. Was very touching at times. Thank you so much Ian for an exceptional experience and your energy. Love your “natural” approach to life and business. You truly have an embodied natural mindfulness practice. Highly recommended!” – Deborah London UK

“I absolutely loved the opportunity to be able to participate. I was looking for something different and your program was a wonderful opportunity and something different than the forest bathing training offerings I have come across. I see your training as a genuine love for the forest and for folks to be able to experience and share that love with others. Thank You. – Ginifir Maine USA

“I really enjoyed the course on many levels. It was interesting to see a Facebook group and FB video being used so constructively and loads of people joining in. But it was the essence of the course that really was most rewarding. Well structured, engaging, a really good step by step approach to increase confidence and autonomy every week. It’s given me the confidence to actually offer Natural Mindfulness as a service in due course. And it shows that not every useful and empowering training has to cost thousands of pounds! Thanks for not up-selling but rather offering ongoing support instead.”  – Monika Scotland UK

“Thank you Ian. My deepest gratitude to you for such an incredible, life-changing course and for your patience in getting us all over the line. I’m excited now about re-emerging into the world and hopefully starting to nurse those little seedlings of inspiration I’ve been germinating over Feb and early March into strong healthy plants within the Nature Connection community!”  – Kirsten Staffordshire UK

“This course will inspire and change you without effort, following your love for Nature, guiding you into your purpose.” Aikya India

“I thoroughly enjoyed the programme of experiences, and am quite missing the interaction! “ – Helen North Allerton UK

“fab course, fab experience, its been a real pleasure.” – Juliet  Newcastle UK

I absolutely loved this course!  It was extremely engaging, full of genuine compassion and a true love of nature that shone from everyone participating and involved. Its format was flexible, it allowed for self discovery and reflection without feeling pressured to deliver  at a given end point. The course was totally empowering. I particularly loved being online in groups of like minded ‘forest folk’  across the world and being able to share our experiences and encourage each other.

You were able to help me evoke and grow my awareness of my own ‘true nature’ by your own ‘true nature’ practice and sharing Ian. 

“This beautiful course I highly recommend!” – Deb W.  UK

I hope you choose to to join me and help build a worldwide nature conscious community through Natural Mindfulness guiding and look forward to welcoming you.

Please feel free to share the link to this page with others you think would like to join us.

If you have a question email it to me at this link.