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Thank you for your interest in Natural Mindfulness I’m so pleased you have joined this online programme and can’t wait to share Natural Mindfulness with you. Before we get started I just want to give you some background.

A Bit of Background

I have always wanted to find a way to combine my instinctive passion for exploring nature with my day job that focuses on empowering people.

Natural Mindfulness is a description I have been using for many years to describe a state of mind and being where I feel totally connected to the natural world and my true nature.

Unlike other forms of Mindfulness, which can sometimes feel manufactured, or manipulated – Natural Mindfulness is unique to everyone. Just like your thumb print.

For this reason I don’t believe Natural Mindfulness can really be taught. That’s why I call the process we use on our walks and experiences – Guiding.

My experienced team and I have guided hundreds of people through natural environments, inviting them to unplug from their everyday world and plug into the natural world.

Connecting with nature through your senses, somehow stimulates a remembering and re-connection to something we all knew as a child and then with the exception of a few, forget as we developed into adults.

Remembering Natural Mindfulness is empowering, healthy and enjoyable.  If you want to know more about my personal story and the origins of this approach to mindfulness before you start this free programme, you can (read more here).

1. What do I need to take on a Natural Mindfulness Walk?

Here are a few basic requirements to help you prepare for a Natural Mindfulness Walk.

Footwear. When walking in nature you can encounter wet grass, muddy and wet footpaths on occasions even in the summer months. I recommend wearing walking boots, or other sturdy footwear.

Clothing. The temperature and conditions can  change quickly and so appropriate layers of clothing are recommended based on local forecasts. Waterproofs if wet weather is forecast and head covering if it’s a sunny day or very cold. During winter months good socks and gloves are necessary as you will be walking slower than usual and stopping from time to time to practice exercises.

Fluid/Snacks. It is important to remain hydrated during the walk so take some water, but remember when walking in nature there may not be public toilets along the route. On colder days I suggest you take hot water and your favourite herbal tea bags and a small healthy snack.

Focus. A specific intention to connect with nature in a healing way. A Natural Mindfulness experience is designed to help you move through the landscape in ways that cultivate presence, opening all the senses and actively communicating with the land.

Patience. Don’t Rush. The primary goal is not exercise or physical exertion. On this programme it’s not about reaching a destination, it’s about enjoying the journey.

3bMindfulness. Generously give your attention. The state of Natural Mindfulness is stimulated by increasing your awareness of an ever-changing and evolving landscape and set of practises. These activities are designed to slow you down and open your senses allowing the natural world to penetrate our consciousness more deeply.

Practice. Each exercise is not a one-off event. Developing a meaningful relationship with yourself and nature occurs over time. After completing this programme I encourage you to continue walking mindfully in nature and aim to return again and again throughout the natural cycles of the seasons.

2. How do I connect mindfully with Nature?
Watch Video 2 – “Finding Your Breath”

For a better experience make sure you TAKE my video challenge and then SHARE your experiences with our group in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP or with me via email 

Watch Video 3 – “Tuning into Nature”

For a better experience make sure you TAKE my video challenge and then SHARE your experiences with our group in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP or with me via email 


Now you are prepared and tuned into the natural world you can start your journey. Journeying is an important part of our lives. We have outer journeys every day, going to the shops, travelling to work, taking the children to school, visiting friends, running errands, going on holiday – and we take what I call inner journeys, life paths, career paths, development paths, spiritual paths. I discovered Natural Mindfulness while walking along a path through nature when my outer journey and inner journey aligned. Somehow during my walk as I connected with my self and was connecting with nature – “I allowed the natural world to connect with me”

In this next video I explain that process of connection in more detail and also invite you to take a challenge – enjoy this important part of the journey.

Watch Video 4 – “Coming Alive Inside”

For a better experience make sure you TAKE my video challenge and then SHARE your experiences with our group in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP or with me via email 

Watch Video 5 “Using Natural Mindfulness to Improve Your Life”

For a better experience make sure you TAKE my video challenge and then SHARE your experiences with our group in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP or with me via email 


In our busy lives it is very easy to forget our experiences, even those experiences that brought us joy, fulfilled us, or taught us a very important life lesson. Because we are so habitual it is easy for us to return from an enlightening experience and switch back into everyday life. One of the ways you can stop this from happening is to SHARE your experiences. Remember how the fun and enjoyment from a past holiday can be relived by sharing your photos, videos and recollections with your family and friends. New information becomes more memorable when we share it. Perhaps that is why the news and media is such a powerful way to change and influence our minds.

In this last video of the series I emphasise the importance of SHARING your experiences. I have tried to encourage you to do so throughout this programme because it is such an important part of life, When we share we connect and when we connect we care.

This final video ends abruptly while I’m in full flow, and chose to leave it that way because I didn’t feel it was natural to re-shoot it.

Watch Video 6 “The Return”

If you would like to discuss the lost footage from this video, we can discuss this on the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, or feel free to get in touch with me via email 

Thank You for your interest in Natural Mindfulness I hope you will keep in touch. I would love to hear what you think about my free programme and encourage you to share it with others by sending them to