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10 Reasons to Embrace Natural Mindfulness and your True Nature.

Mindfulness can mean different things to different people. I have discovered that combining mindfulness practice and exploring the natural world – I call this practice Natural Mindfulness, provides healing, inspiration, introspection and opportunities to explore my true nature.

Walking with Natural Mindfulness is a simple way to connect more deeply with the wildness and free spirit within my nature. It is the foundation from which I can instinctively, emotionally, thoughtfully and intuitively, navigate in the world. The inner guidance from these elements of my True Nature helps me to focus my choices and activate my full potential.

Being Naturally Mindful and aligned with my True Nature has also helped me to grow nature conscious communities. Natural Mindfulness communities that care through connection to the natural world, our aliveness and the true nature within us all.

“When we connect we care and what we care about we nurture and protect”

Here are 10 reasons I’ve found encourage me to continue embracing Natural Mindfulness and my True Nature.

Embracing Natural Mindfulness and True Nature

1. helps me process my fears and vulnerability. Exploring unknown landscapes, soundscapes and feeling the wind on my face allows me to build confidence and experience life without our usual safety net, whatever it tends to be. Exploring natural and wild places teaches me that there is freedom in the unknown.

2. invites me to remember my roots. It reminds me that I am part of the cycles of nature and that I have a place in the circle of life. It reassures me that there is always a chance for renewal.

3. teaches patience. As Lao Tzu said, “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

4. builds resiliency. Living close to the earth helps me build the capacity to face adversity and challenge with a strength that is made of the same stuff as the stars.

5. fosters respect for all living things. It helps me to develop a love for everything that holds energy on the planet and live out that love by walking gently on the earth and encouraging others to do the same.

6. encourages adventure! Going out and exploring nature mindfully allows me to explore and revel in the abundance that is possible when I take the time to let the sights, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes in.

7. leads to peace. When I can truly see the beauty in all of life on the planet and know the interconnectedness of all things, I can hold peace as my cornerstone. When I know peace within my True Nature, then I can know peace in the world.

8. gifts gratitude. I can know that I am a small part of the goodness of the earth, and I can give thanks for all the gifts that come with a human life.

9. keeps me healthy and well.  Moving my body in the fresh air, grounded to the energy of the earth and deeply connected with nature and my true nature, allows me to live my best life.

10. allows me to be real. I can be my authentic self, fully alive and breathing and moving over this beautiful blue green earth that we all call home.

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Enjoy your journey!

Ian  Banyard 🤠🙏🦋🌱💚

Founder of Nature Connection World & Author of Natural Mindfulnessyour personal guide to the healing power of nature connection.