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FREE Introductory Video Course

Welcome to my Natural Mindfulness Free Introductory Video Course

Natural Mindfulness Practice Videos

These videos are:

  1. A guide to help you discover a deeper more mindful connection with nature.
  2. A simple way to experience and connect with the healing power of nature.
  3. A pathway towards a deeper relationship with nature and our true nature.

Step 1: Watch the video exercise and take notes if you wish. Step 2: Walk in nature, a local park, your garden, or in your street (Nature is everywhere) – 20 minutes minimum. Step 3: Practice the exercise from the video. Step 4: Write down/Journal what you experience and any connection you feel with nature. Step 5: SHARE you natural mindfulness experience and connection with another person. Feel free to email me if you wish – [email protected]

Video #1  ~ “Staying in Breath” (7min 29sec)

In this video you will be introduced to a simple, yet powerful, natural mindfulness breathing exercise I call ‘Seasonal Breathing’. Aligning the breath with a natural cycle is a quick way to become mindfully present and grounded in the moment.

Video #2 ~ “Mindful Listening” (7min 8sec)

Listening to the sounds around you in nature stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system which helps us to reduce stress levels and allows our body and mind to relax, rest and recover.

Video #3 ~ “Walking Mindfully” (5min 45sec)

This natural mindfulness exercise is designed to help slow us down and allow our senses to reconnect with the natural world around us. An antidote to the world of ‘Too Busy’.

I hope you enjoy this introductory journey with natural mindfulness. If you would like to discover more feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where you will find more videos.

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