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How Nature Creates Certainty in an Uncertain World

We are living in uncertain times. In fact we are always living in uncertain times. It’s just that the illusion bubble of security and certainty in the future has been burst. Greta, Sir David and Extinction Rebellion have created a shift in our awareness of climate change, loss of species, destruction of nature and our connection to it. The Covid-19 pandemic and our fear-based response to it globally, has reminded us how easily the foundation of our lives and certainty about our future can be so easily disrupted. And right now, those who lead us seem as conflicted and disabled as we feel.

This uncertainty (eco-anxiety/covid-anxiety) on the one hand is causing fear, panic, paralysis, apathy, frustration and anger to rise up in some of us. In others, it is also stimulating an awakening of consciousness. In particular Nature Consciousness and our role as natural beings and guardians of this beautiful blue & green planet.

In this 20 minute video blog, author, nature connection guide and guide trainer, Ian Banyard, shares his insights and experience of how immersing ourselves mindfully in nature, can help us create certainty in an uncertain world.


Details of Ian’s book, walks and guide training is available on this website. If you feel you are struggling with eco-anxiety and/or uncertainty in your life, you can message Ian for support using the contact form below (scroll down)