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I have also written a book to help you align Natural Mindfulness to your nature-based wellness practice, or begin an exciting new journey to reconnect with nature and your true nature. Since self-publishing the book in 2016 it has reached over 17 countries worldwide. A signed copy is available to purchase from this site and other online bookshops.
If you are interested in helping others reconnect to the health benefits of walking mindfully in nature, I also run guide training courses for guides too. More information is available here 


NEW FOR 2020 ~ Annual Natural Mindfulness Walking Membership!

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  • Better Health & Wellbeing
  • 10 Monthly Walks per year
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  • Discounts on other Natural Mindfulness events/courses/retreats
  • Free signed copy of my book (when you join before March 1st 2020)

**Membership is currently suspended during the Covid-19 lockdownless**

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What is Natural Mindfulness?

When I was a teenager I realised something very valuable: learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom.

One of the most important things I learned as a child was the value of solitary time in Nature. While living in the Lake District following a series of devastating life challenges in 2002, I rediscovered this valuable life lesson. Time ‘invested’ alone in the natural world, teaches many things… READ MORE

“Connection with Nature and our true nature is so important, because when we connect we care” 

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2020 Residential Guide Training

**Due to the Covid-19 restrictions only my online guide training is currently available**

Residential training’s take place at Hawkwood College in the beautiful Gloucestershire Cotswold countryside. For more details of these courses click here.

2020 Online Guide Training

Since launching this 21 day online guide training programme, there are nearly 200 Natural Mindfulness guides in 22 countries, sharing nature connection worldwide. Each year I schedule Five courses – January, March, June, September and November. If you’re interested in joining the next programme, simply click here to find out more about the next programme.

What previous participants say about the programme.

“I absolutely loved this course. The flexible method of delivery really suited me and the format really worked. It was simple, not overwhelming and empowering. I loved being in the online groups with like minded people across the globe and sharing the experiences in different terrain and encouraging each other. Was very touching at times. Thank you so much Ian for an exceptional experience and your energy. Love your “natural” approach to life and business. You truly have an embodied natural mindfulness practice. Highly recommended!” – Deborah UK

“I absolutely loved the opportunity to be able to participate. I was looking for something different and your program was a wonderful opportunity and something different than the forest bathing training offerings I have come across. I see your training as a genuine love for the forest and for folks to be able to experience and share that love with others. Thank You. – Ginifir USA

“I really enjoyed the course on many levels. It was interesting to see a Facebook group and FB video being used so constructively and loads of people joining in. But it was the essence of the course that really was most rewarding. Well structured, engaging, a really good step by step approach to increase confidence and autonomy every week. It’s given me the confidence to actually offer Natural Mindfulness as a service in due course. And it shows that not every useful and empowering training has to cost thousands of pounds! Thanks for not up-selling but rather offering ongoing support instead.” Monika – Scotland

My Book
“Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature”, signed copies available to buy from this site now.
Natural Mindfulness Book

Journal Edition £9.99

An easy-to-use practical guide that offers a Natural and Mindful path back to nature and our true nature. Read more



WATCH this video to find out more about Natural Mindfulness and the healing power of Nature Connection