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Mindfulness-based nature therapy, MBNT, is a modified form of self-therapy that incorporates nature connection guiding, natural mindfulness practices & forest bathing. MBNT combines nature connection practices, present moment awareness using sensory and breathing exercises. This guided therapeutic approach to wellness and wellbeing helps heal the body, relax the mind and lift the spirit. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about my MBNT online/offline therapeutic sessions.



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In 2014 I started guiding my own nature-based, wellness walks in the English Cotswolds an area of outstanding natural beauty. Some of the people who walked with asked if I could teach them to guide their own Natural Mindfulness walks and experiences. So I created a guide training course. My Natural Mindfulness guide book & journal was published in 2018 and has sold copies in over 40 countries worldwide. I have now trained nearly 600 guides who share my passion for aligning Natural Mindfulness with their own nature-based wellness practices.
Walking mindfully ‘with’ nature is an exciting journey of reconnection with nature and our true nature, I encourage you to walk this path too. My book is the quickest and easiest way to begin this journey. You can also join me on a Natural Mindfulness walk/experience and join my online and offline courses. If you feel the calling to guide others to a deeper connection with nature and our true nature – authentic self, you are welcome to enrol on my 21 day Natural Mindfulness guide training programme.
If you are interested in helping others reconnect to the health benefits of walking mindfully in nature, I run 3 international, online guide training programmes each year. [More information]
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“To know fully even one field or one land is a lifetime’s experience. In the world of poetic experience it is depth that counts, not width. A gap in a hedge, a smooth rock surfacing a narrow lane, a view of a woody meadow, the stream at the junction of four small fields – these are as much as a man can fully experience.”

Patrick Kavanagh – The Parish and the Universe




Wonderful to see that ASICS Movement for Mind is now available for everyone to try here: ACCESS NOW

I’m proud to have played a part of this programme, putting movement, nature connection and mindfulness to the test in a large-scale scientific trial. Even better to discover the difference it makes to mental wellbeing.

Find out more here: ASICS Movement for Mind Website


What is ASICS Movement for Mind?

With 16 sessions over 8 weeks, ASICS Movement for Mind is a coordinated programme of movement with a focus on being more aware of your body and mind. You can run or walk, and each session builds on the last. You’ll learn how to breathe as you move, mindful physical movement, the mind-body connection, appreciating nature and music and simple mindful meditation. You’ll find my sessions in week 5 where I share Two Natural Mindfulness practices/exercises: “Seasonal Breathing/Staying in Breath” & “Training Your Senses”. 

The Research

Professor Brendon Stubbs is one of the leading researchers into movement and mental health. He oversaw the research trial that studied the effectiveness of ASICS Movement for Mind. Around 200 volunteers from the UK and the Netherlands took part, from partner companies including Google, Facebook and Danone.

The Results.

ASICS Movement for Mind is the first programme of its kind to be scientifically proven to improve mental wellbeing. Led by world-renowned mental health researcher, Professor Brendon Stubbs, we enrolled 200 volunteers to take part in an eight-week, randomised control trial. To analyse the programme’s effectiveness, Professor Stubbs used internationally recognised wellbeing measures to objectively study the impact of following ASICS Movement for Mind.


“I absolutely love the ASICS Movement for Mind programme! After the programme finished, I became an evangelist to all my colleagues and said what an amazing programme it is and they must sign up and take part. For me, it was truly wonderful and really made me feel confident, content and happy again.” – ASICS Movement for Mind participant


Natural Mindfulness

When I was a teenager I realised something very valuable: learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom.

One of the most important things I learned as a child was the value of solitary time in Nature. While living in the Lake District following a series of devastating life challenges in 2002, I rediscovered this valuable life lesson. Time ‘invested’ alone in the natural world, teaches many things… READ MORE

“Connection with Nature and our true nature is so important, because when we connect we care” 

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NEW for 2024 – Natural Mindfulness Guide’s REFRESHER FRIDAYS begin in April

For Natural Mindfulness guides who have attended my 21 day online training course. These REFRESHER FRIDAYS throughout Spring, Summer & Autumn will enable guides to refresh and expand their knowledge, experience and connection with nature. This is also the ideal opportunity for guides who haven’t yet completed the 21 day course to refresh, expand and complete their course, guided by me here in the beautiful Gloucestershire Cotswolds.

**Contact Me to register your interest**

21 Day Online Guide Training – Summer 2024 Dates Now Available!

Since launching this 21 day online guide training programme in June 2019 more than 500 Natural Mindfulness guides from 40 countries have taken part. Many are now sharing Natural Mindfulness based nature connection worldwide. Each year I schedule Three Online courses – SPRING (mar/apr), SUMMER (jun/jul) and AUTUMN (sep/oct). If you’re interested in joining the next programme click here to find out more and book on the next programme.

What previous participants say about the programme.

“I absolutely loved this course. The flexible method of delivery really suited me and the format really worked. It was simple, not overwhelming and empowering. I loved being in the online groups with like minded people across the globe and sharing the experiences in different terrain and encouraging each other. Was very touching at times. Thank you so much Ian for an exceptional experience and your energy. Love your “natural” approach to life and business. You truly have an embodied natural mindfulness practice. Highly recommended!” – Deborah UK

“I absolutely loved the opportunity to be able to participate. I was looking for something different and your program was a wonderful opportunity and something different than the forest bathing training offerings I have come across. I see your training as a genuine love for the forest and for folks to be able to experience and share that love with others. Thank You. – Ginifir USA

“I really enjoyed the course on many levels. It was interesting to see a Facebook group and FB video being used so constructively and loads of people joining in. But it was the essence of the course that really was most rewarding. Well structured, engaging, a really good step by step approach to increase confidence and autonomy every week. It’s given me the confidence to actually offer Natural Mindfulness as a service in due course. And it shows that not every useful and empowering training has to cost thousands of pounds! Thanks for not up-selling but rather offering ongoing support instead.” Monika – Scotland


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