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Hello everyone Autumn has finally arrived!

The Autumn/Fall season is strongly linked to a natural sense of RELEASE. It’s when nature lets go . Releasing the burden of heavy leaves and dead wood. All the energy that stimulated the lifeforce to surge upward towards the light, now relaxes and gently sinks back down, through the root systems, into the soil to sleep, hibernate and ready itself for the deep-rest of winter.

Walking among the beautiful colours while the wildlife is busy harvesting for the winter rest, is one of my favourite times of year to walk. Beech nut kernels crunching beneath my feet while the low sun streams through a cathedral of magnificent oaks, sycamores and beeches, is awesome. Nature gifts us another wonderful opportunity to get out and boost our mind, body and spirit over the coming months.

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity your self to walk mindfully as often as you can. You are also welcome of course, to join us on one of our guided walks and enjoy a welcomed and well-deserved, escape into nature.


Its the time of conkers and blackberries, of red and golden leaves, waterproof coats, hats and gloves. Here are our walks for October and November (more dates and venues to be added):


• Sat 12th with Maleka Bibi, Alvecote Marina, Tamworth, 10:30

• Mon 21st with Ian Banyard, National Star Centre, Crickley Hill, 9:30

• Fri 25th with Neil Gayler, Coopers Hill Nature Reserve, 10:30

• Sat 26th with Nick Pike, Slad, 10:00

• Sun 27th with Maleka Bibi, Wiggington Park Local Nature Reserve, Tamworth, 14:30


• Mon 4th with Ian Banyard, The Greenway, Shurdington, 9:30

• Sat 9th with Maleka Bibi, Tamworth, 10:30

• Sun 10th with Neil Gayler, TBC, 10:30

• Sun 17th with Ian Banyard, Hawkwood College, Stroud, 9:30

• Sun 24th with Maleka Bibi, Tamworth, 14:30

• Fri 29th with Neil Gayler, TBC, 10:30

As usual please make sure you are suitably dressed for variable weather.
Any Queries please reply to this announcement and Ill get back to you. Happy walking.
Karen 💚

Another way to find out when and where a guided walk is happening in Autumn visit our Facebook page or contact one of our CNM guides (scroll down for details).

Walk with Us

Attendance is free on most of our walks, for anyone who hasn’t walked with us before and wants to experience a walk before joining as a member. After your free walk, you can join as a Pay As You Go member from £5 per walk. To find out the benefits of walking with us visit Walking Membership.


Here is a great article with some hints and tips to help you prepare for a Natural Mindfulness walk:

Walking Information

We have lots of walks available throughout the year for those of you who are ready to immerse yourself in NATURE. Regular Nature Connection is beneficial for you physically and mentally – a great gift to yourself, family and friends.

Our Gloucestershire Guides

Cotswold Natural MindfulnessIan Banyard has been offering his unique approach to nature-connection since August 2014. Ian has helped hundreds of people to connect with the healing power of nature using Natural Mindfulness and other nature-based therapies. He also provides Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing guide training for those who share his passion for guiding others to a deeper connection with nature and their true nature. Contact Ian by email for more details.

Neil Gayler has been guiding nature walks in the Cotswolds since 2015. His gentle, peaceful Friday morning walks and Sunday morning saunters, are ideal for boosting your health and refreshing your spirit. There is also a good chance of encountering wildlife on Neil’s walks. For details of Neil’s next Refresher Friday walk,email

Karen Wills joined Cotswold Natural Mindfulness in 2015 as a member and now guides her own regular monthly walk. Karen is also our administrator making sure that our guides and walking members are happy. Karen’s walks often include some Natural Mindfulness exercises as well as a cup of herbal tea and a snack. To discover when Karen’s next walk is taking place email

Nick Pike is a talented local artist who generously shares his keen eye and sharp instincts for finding the perfect landscape on his enchanting walks. Nick guides informative & insightful walks around Painswick and the Slad Valley sharing his knowledge and curiosity about the natural world. To join Nick on his next escape into nature, email

Cotswold Natural Mindfulness

Want to join us on a walk?

Then come along and try a COTSWOLD NATURAL MINDFULNESS taster walk for FREE. For details of our next Cotswold Natural Mindfulness guided walk contact one of the guides above, or keep a look out on our Facebook group for events.

 If you are unable to walk with us, there are lots of  other opportunities to get involved:
1. Join Our Facebook Group

If you would like to be kept up to date with what we are doing, see images and videos from our most recent walks, request to join our Natural Mindfulness Facebook Group CLICK HERE

2. NEW 7 Day Online Video Programme – available January 2020

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3. Join my team of CNM Guides

If you live in Gloucestershire and love the idea of guiding your own Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walks,  I’m keen to talk to you. My Next Natural Mindfulness Guide Training at Hawkwood College, near Stroud, will be Spring 2020.

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4. Purchase a signed copy of my new book!

“Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature”, Copyright © Ian Banyard 2018. ISBN 978-1-9995849-2-4 First Published July 2018

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Watch 4 Steps to a better connection with Nature to discover more

Ian Banyard is founder of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness, and author of Natural Mindfulnessyour guide to the healing power of nature connection. In this video Ian shares his 4 steps to help you develop a healthier connection with Nature, your true nature and with others. There is so much scientific evidence now to support our intuitive sense that immersing ourselves in the natural world is good for our mind, body and spirit.

Enjoy the video, and CLICK HERE for more videos

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