Cotswold Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing

2023 Well-being Walk Dates & Events.

Summer Pay-it-forward Well-being Walks
Thursday 20th July – Notgrove Estate Gloucestershire GL54 3BT – 9.30am until 11.45am (morning walk)
Friday 28th July – Notgrove Estate Gloucestershire GL54 3BT – 9.30am until 11.45am (morning walk)
Saturday 5th August – Notgrove Estate Gloucestershire GL54 3BT – 9.30 until 11.45am (morning walk)
Friday 1st September – Notgrove Estate Gloucestershire GL54 3BT – 9.30am until 11.45am (morning walk)

Autumn Pay-it-forward well-being Walks at the Notgrove Estate Gloucestershire GL54 3BT – 8.55am until 11am (morning walk)

September – Sunday 17th

October – Sunday 1st & Saturday 21st

November – Sunday 26th*

*(November walks from 9.55am until 12)

**Private Group walks and Forest Bathing experiences are currently priced at £15 per person with a Pay It Forward option to help those on low income**

How “pay it forward” works. – Instead of paying for their own walk, walkers are invited to make a PAY IT FORWARD donation towards a place on the next walk. This allows everyone including people on low income, or experiencing financial difficulties, to access these Natural Mindfulness wellbeing walks. Those who can afford to will have an option to make a Pay It Forward donation and ‘gift a place’ to someone on the next walk.

There is lots of strong evidence to suggest that random acts of kindness like ‘paying it forward’ can boost our well-being and create a natural feel-good state of being. There are also many people who could really benefit from a wellbeing walk, but in the current economic climate wouldn’t even consider it. I feel this approach aligns beautifully with Natural Mindfulness well-being walks.  Learn More about Gifting walks.


Mindfulness based Nature Therapy Walks 1:1 or small group sessions are also available on request. Visit my MBNT page for details.


Please note: Places are limited to 6 people per walk. This is to ensure we do as little damage as possible to the natural landscapes we walk in and to get the most from the beauty and tranquility of a Natural Mindfulness walk/experience.   

email to book a walk/enquire about walks

If you are not able to walk with me in the Cotswolds, you can still experience guided wellbeing walks by purchasing my Discover Natural Mindfulness in 7 days online course . You can enquire and book here – Discover Natural Mindfulness in 7 Days Online Course

LEARN MORE  about my collaboration with Notgrove Estates at this link


Regular Nature Connection boosts health, relaxes the mind and lifts the spirit. Many of us feel this intuitively and instinctively. Now new nature-based science is proving it.

Cotswold Natural MindfulnessIan Banyard has been offering his unique approach to nature-connection since August 2014. Ian runs limited monthly membership walks introducing people to Natural Mindfulness, Forest Bathing and the therapeutic benefits of walking mindfully in nature.


Ian also provides Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing guide training for those who share his passion for guiding others to a deeper connection with nature and their true nature. Contact Ian for more details. Ian has trained Natural Mindfulness guides in many countries around the world.

JOIN OUR ONLINE COMMUNITY AND FIND OUT if there are any trained UK and International Natural Mindfulness guides near you, join our new online Community Platform hosted by Mighty Networks – Nature Connection World Community

Take a Virtual Forest Bathing with Natural Mindfulness Walk.

Cotswold Natural Mindfulness Online Walking Community

Join our CNM Online Walking Community Group at Nature Connection World CNM Online Community Group at Nature Connection World where you can share your experiences and photos of your walks with us. Plus meet new nature conscious friends locally and all over the world, discover connections and find out about my Natural Mindfulness walks and other nature connection walks/events/courses in the Cotswolds and in many other locations both in the UK and abroad.

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Here is a useful article with some hints and tips to help you prepare for a Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk:

Walking Information


 As well as walking with us, there are other opportunities to connect available – click the links below for more details:
1. Join our Online Community Nature Connection World

If you would like to be kept up to date with courses, walks and events, connect with like hearted nature lovers and share photos, videos and posts and your Nature Connection experiences in a safe online community, you are welcome to join us. Membership is FREE.

Nature Connection World Cotswold Natural Mindfulness Community Group

Cotswold Natural Mindfulness Guide Neil Gayler has a Facebook group for local walkers too.

Cotswold Natural Mindfulness Walkers Local Facebook Group


2. Train as a Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing Guide with Ian.

Click Here to visit my Natural Mindfulness Guide training Page.

3. Buy your own copy of “Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature”, Copyright © Ian Banyard 2018. ISBN 978-1-9995849-2-4 First Published July 2018

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Ian Banyard is founder of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness, and author of Natural Mindfulnessyour guide to the healing power of nature connection. In this video Ian shares his 4 steps to help you develop a healthier connection with Nature, your true nature and with others. There is so much scientific evidence now to support our intuitive sense that immersing ourselves in the natural world is good for our mind, body and spirit.

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