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NEW 2021 Cotswold Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing Well-being Walks

Ian will be guiding monthly walks from January 2021. Currently these walks are restricted to 5 people per guide.

**Due to Covid-19 there are new restrictions on all of our walks contact individual guides for details**

Regular Nature Connection is beneficial for you both physically and mentally.

For information on my next guided walk search “Upcoming Events” to the right on a laptop, or scroll down on a phone or tablet.

Cotswold Natural MindfulnessIan Banyard has been offering his unique approach to nature-connection since August 2014. Ian runs limited monthly membership walks introducing people to Natural Mindfulness, Forest Bathing and the therapeutic benefits of walking mindfully in nature.

Ian also provides Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing guide training for those who share his passion for guiding others to a deeper connection with nature and their true nature. Contact Ian for more details. To find out if there are any trained UK and International Natural Mindfulness guides near you, visit Nature Connection World


**Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing walks with Ian are £5.00 per person (December – March) and £7.50 per person (April – November)**

Book a Walk in 2021

JANUARY – CNM & Forest Bathing Well-being Walk – Upper Dowdeswell to Lineover Wood – Wednesday 27th at 10am (2 hours) PLACES AVAILABLE CLICK TO BOOK

FEBRUARY – To be confirmed

MARCH – To be confirmed


Here is a useful article with some hints and tips to help you prepare for a Cotswold Natural Mindfulness walk:

Walking Information


 As well as walking with us, there are other opportunities to connect available – click the links below for more details:
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If you would like to be kept up to date with events, see images, videos and posts and would like to share your Nature Connection experiences in a safe online community, you are welcome to join us on Facebook:

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2. Train as a Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing Guide with Ian.

Click Here to visit my Natural Mindfulness Guide training Page.

3. Buy your own copy of “Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature”, Copyright © Ian Banyard 2018. ISBN 978-1-9995849-2-4 First Published July 2018

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Ian Banyard is founder of Cotswold Natural Mindfulness, and author of Natural Mindfulnessyour guide to the healing power of nature connection. In this video Ian shares his 4 steps to help you develop a healthier connection with Nature, your true nature and with others. There is so much scientific evidence now to support our intuitive sense that immersing ourselves in the natural world is good for our mind, body and spirit.

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