Cotswold Natural Mindfulness & Forest Bathing

Pay it Forward Donations

New for 2023 “Pay it Forward Wellbeing Walks”.

How “pay it forward” works. – Instead of paying for their own walk, walkers are invited to make a PAY IT FORWARD donation towards a place on the next walk. This allows everyone including people on low income, or experiencing financial difficulties, to access these Natural Mindfulness wellbeing walks. Those who can afford to will have an option to make a Pay It Forward donation and ‘gift a place’ to someone on the next walk.

There is lots of strong evidence to suggest that random acts of kindness like ‘paying it forward’ can boost our well-being and create a natural feel-good state of being. There are also many people who could really benefit from a wellbeing walk, but in the current economic climate wouldn’t even consider it. I feel this approach aligns beautifully with Natural Mindfulness well-being walks

Thank you for your kind donation. 

We’re all familiar with the saying - “it’s better to give than receive”.

What might surprise you is that this is actually backed up by research.

Those of us who are kind and compassionate experience clear benefits to our well-being and happiness. We may even live longer. Kindness also helps reduce stress and improve our emotional well-being.

We all have so much going on in our lives - competing strains and stresses – not to mention the recent coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns. This has sometimes pushed kindness to one side, in favour of what is urgent now.

It can be easy to show kindness when posting online, but when it comes to reality it’s harder to commit to kindness in our real-life words and actions.

By taking the time to be kind to others, we can benefit from emotional upsides. It really does make a difference, especially for people who are vulnerable or struggling.

With everything that’s going on in the world, now is the time to help make a kinder society that improves our mental health.

Thank you for your kind donation.

I feel this approach aligns beautifully with Natural Mindfulness well-being walks. It also enables those who can benefit from a well-being walk, but may be struggling financially, still have an opportunity to attend and improve their wellbeing.

If you would like more details, or ask me about Pay it Fortward walks contact me