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The Journey Online

Thank you for your interest in “The Journey” – a pathway to discovering & releasing your true nature.

This new online, 4 part video-based 8 week Mindfulness Based Nature & Forest Therapy (MBNFT) development programme combines journeying with nature and exploring our true nature. WATCH MY INTRODUCTORY VIDEO to find out more about this mindfulness based nature & forest therapy programme, I launched in January 2021.

Join the next course – March 2021

Course title:  The Journey – Discovering & Releasing Your True Nature. (28 places available)

Starting date: Monday 15th March 2021.

Please note: You are not required to attend this programme every day. It is designed to allow you to drop in and out. The 8 week course is a combination of guided offline nature connection activities and online group interaction and sharing. There will be weekly Facebook live videos that will be recorded for those who can’t watch ‘live’.

Finish date: Sunday 9th May 2021.

Programme Overview

🌱 Welcome to “The Journey” an adventure of discovery, healing, knowing and releasing.

🌱 Over the 8 week course you are invited to reconnect and explore nature and your true nature.

🌱 The course is very simple to follow at your own pace both offline and online.

🌱 I will guide you along 4 pathways each guided by elements of your true nature.

🌱 These pathways are ‘real’ paths –  paths you will find for yourself in the nature where you live, And ‘inner’ paths – paths you will discover while you walk mindfully with nature guided by your true nature.

🌱 I will be guiding you online using a very simple 3 step process: 1. Experience, 2. Connect & 3. Share.

🌱 Over the weeks I will journey with you, sharing my unique experiences and connection with nature and my true nature. I will also invite & encourage you to share your unique experiences & connections with your facebook community group.

🌱 “The Journey” is a new programme bringing a combination of Natural Mindfulness practice, Nature Connectedness and a Nature Conscious  approach to improved health well-being. I have been cultivating this approach for many years based on my own journey. More recently I have had the opportunity to develop it further with our growing community of Natural Mindfulness guides.

🌱 This new approach is called Mindfulness Based Nature & Forest Therapy (MBNFT) a self-therapeutic process of experiencing, connecting and sharing mindful nature connectedness.

This is a video based, practical development programme introducing Natural Mindfulness and other mindfulness based nature & forest therapeutic guidance. While in the developmental stages this programme is being offered at a reduced price: UK – 30GBP (35EUR/45USD/55AUD)

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If you would like to ask me about this new online programme you can Contact Me Here

If you would like to join us on “The Journey” in January 2021, please visit this link to enrol The Journey Facebook Group

If you would like to ask me about this new online programme Contact Me Here