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The Golden Buddha, Forest Therapy & Natural Mindfulness

“Sometimes we must lose ourselves in nature to find our true nature”

In the following video Author and Nature Connection Guide/Trainer Ian Banyard tells the Story of The Golden Buddha. A wonderful and touching metaphor revealing how over the course of our lives our own Golden Buddha, or True Nature, becomes buried.

Clay can be added by external influences like our parents, schools, teachers, bosses, co-workers, society, the media, the church, government and corporations. But the heaviest layer of clay is often of our own doing. It’s our own limited thinking about ourselves and our fear of releasing our true nature. For some of us the first step is to find, or re-discover, our true nature.

In a world sick of Manufactured Mindlessness could  Natural Mindfulness be the antidote we’re looking for?

In a world of Manufactured Mindlessness and manipulation, it is easy to succumb to our unconscious conditioning. Eventually we can become so laden with clay that we forget our true nature, the Golden Buddha that is there beneath the surface.

Sometimes it takes a knock. A divorce, bereavement, redundancy, bankruptcy, a health scare or accident, to chip and crack the clay.

“It’s only when we crack and break that our true light can shine through”

WATCH this insightful video revealing how reconnecting to a deep and meaningful relationship with the natural world, can hold the key to FINDING, LOVING, UNDERSTANDING & RELEASING your TRUE NATURE.

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