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As I wandered through the woods near my home, exploring the pathways and discovering the perfect route for my next “Natural Mindfulness” walk in a few weeks’ time, my mind began to wander…

…Imagine if trees behaved like people!

3Imagine if trees got self-conscious about losing their leaves in autumn. Became too embarrassed to admit that a few of their leaves had begun to fall to the ground. Getting anxious because they couldn’t afford to lose so many leaves. Worried about what other trees might think and say about them. Gradually becoming withdrawn and frightened about the future.

7Trees don’t behave this way because they don’t have a human brain so they can’t have thoughts, or powerful emotions and the ability to imagine situations that don’t exist then waste time worrying about it.

10Trees are much more grounded than most people. They are rooted deep into the soil and seem content to follow a natural cycle of growth. They seem to have tapped into a natural intelligence that works behind the scenes and follows a preordained destiny.

4Have you ever known of an acorn growing into anything other than an oak tree? Or an apple tree producing bananas? Of course not. The fruit has already been programmed by nature into the seed. That’s natural intelligence at work.

Human beings have this same natural intelligence at work in our own bodies. The next time you graze your 9skin you’ll find within no time your body will naturally and effortlessly start to heal itself. Everything the body does is designed to return itself to a state of natural health and balance. It’s Natural Intelligence at work, but most often we are just too busy to notice and value it!

8There’s a natural intelligence behind our mind as well. The moment we think a toxic thought, we get a toxic feeling. The feeling is designed by nature to warn us not to proceed too far down that path. Similarly, healthy thoughts produce healthy feelings, letting us know that we’re heading in a healthy inner-voicedirection. This kind of authentic inner compass guides us back to a state of natural mental health and balance. When we notice it and choose to use it. We need to be awake and aware if we want to benefit from tapping into our natural intelligence.

11We can all learn to tap into this otherwise hidden natural wisdom and allow it to guide us if we let it. The key is to learn from trees and the natural world. Be grounded, trust the natural process, open up your senses and tune into your unique inner authentic compass. Some people can do this quite well on their own and only need a gentle nudge or reminder to get back on track. Others can benefit from having a guide to help them find their way.

…enjoy the journey!

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Ian Banyard - Author & Guide

Ian Banyard – Author & Guide

Ian Banyard is a Nature Connection Guide and author of Natural Mindfulness – your personal guide to the healing power of nature connection. He is passionate about exploring nature and empowering people. Ian combines a wealth of knowledge and experience from his personal and corporate life with intuitive and instinctive insights from his own inner journey, to guide others.

ad4Ian lives in Gloucestershire, UK where he guides Natural Mindfulness Walks and provides coaching, courses, gatherings and retreats, for others who want to deepen their connection with nature and their true nature.

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